Do you feel directionless? Tossed around by the wind? Overwhelmed? Wandering without a clear path forward? In these uncertain times, it can be easy to get lost in fear and anxiety. As I’m navigating the unknowns too, I want to help you regain focus.

This week I’ve been challenged to re-evaluate my FAITH.

Faith is trust or confidence in someone or something. For me, it’s trusting that there’s a bigger plan and purpose for my life beyond what I can see or control.

Here are 3 questions I’ve been asking myself this week:

  1. What have you been looking to for guidance lately?
  2. What have you been doing that is not working?
  3. How do you know when you’ve made the “right” decision?

I hope that these questions prompt you to look at where your faith lies. If you want help moving forward and infusing more faith into your life and career choices, message me!

With you,


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