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  • Challenge yourself to courageous personal development
Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder

1:1 Coaching

"I want to feel sure of myself."

Meet one-on-one with Steph to uncover your purpose. Through personal coaching sessions, you will determine your values as you navigate "stuckness" or life transition. From this grounded place, you can begin taking risks and making decisions that align with your true self.

Together, we'll ask questions like: "Who am I?", "What am I passionate about?", and "Where am I going?"

Braveroot invites you into purposeful wandering and courageous expression. Carve out some much-needed space for you to dig deep and discover who you are, what you value, and how your expression impacts others powerfully. Embrace the journey as you unearth the complex, lovely, brave individual that you are!

Spark Sessions

"I want to navigate roadblocks right when they come up."

Receive a personal spark of insight, motivation, or encouragement right when you need it. Through private video messaging, Steph will listen deeply and champion you to stay true to yourself as you navigate feelings of “stuckness.” Don’t wait to connect - Sign up for monthly support at an affordable rate and receive your first message from Steph!

Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder


"I want to find my voice."

Join Braveroot Collective, an online community of individuals in search of deeper connection with themselves and others. Find internal confidence and stability as you navigate this powerful 4-week course to discover your unique voice.


"I want to overcome roadblocks to be a healthier me."

Explore new perspectives and develop greater grace for yourself and others as you participate in a small group setting. Discover the unique ways you impact the people around you, and practice articulating and expressing what's important to you. Tap into your creativity as you engage with nature, art, and music.

Let's adventure together!

Workshops Retreats Braveroot Coaching
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"I want a community who understands and helps me grow."

Join a community of adventurers dedicated to wholehearted living. Gather together to explore your values, strengths, and impact in a full day of discovery. Broaden your connections and glean new perspectives, tools, and resources to take back to your family, workplace, and neighborhood.


Adventure Map Braveroot Coaching

A FREE download to clarify your direction

Feeling stuck? Use the Adventure Map as a compass to identify roadbloacks and illuminate your next step.

Be you, bravely.

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