1:1 Coaching

Individualized sessions for personal development

The Breakdown

Discovery [90 min]

  • “All about Me” Creative Collage
  • Designing our Partnership
  • Talk about where you are now and where you want to go
  • Intro to coaching terms/vocab
  • Personality Assessment
  • Receive a customized Braveroot pocket notebook & essential oil grounding blend
  • Spark Sessions setup for instant access to Steph in between sessions

Session 1 [60 min]

  • Core Values exercise
    • Visualization exercise to get clear on what guides your decision making.
  • Goal talk

Session 2 [60 min]

  • Saboteur visualization - getting curious about the voice that limits and discourages us from reaching our goals and being who we want to be
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • Talk about the brain and the science of belief/emotions
  • Talk about graceful vs. judgmental self-talk and importance

Session 3 [60 min]

  • Captain visualization - exploring the voice that speaks life and empowerment in favor of us living our best life
  • Identifying resonant affirmations and truths
  • Talk about the brain and science of rewiring

Session 4 [60 min]

  • Crafting your Life Purpose statement - No matter where you live or what your job/career, you powerfully impact the world around you in a unique, specific way! Articulate your purpose and live with clarity as you move forward with decisions.

Session 5 [60 min]

  • House of YOU exercise - what's here now and what goals do you want to focus on?


celebration [60 min]

  • Strengths & Passions exploration & celebration
  • Adventure Manifesto?
  • Assessing current goals and progress - do you want to complete or continue together?

Discover Strategies For More Authentic Living

Perhaps you're going through a career transition, making a big move, or saying goodbye to a relationship. Regardless of the challenges you're facing, 1:1 coaching sessions are for you. Designed with you in mind, 1:1 coaching sessions will help you find stability during a significant life transition. How would it feel to:

make resonant choices?

conquer your fears?

create plans of action?

be resilient in your work and play?


Through individualized sessions with Steph, you will find the support
you need to ground yourself in truth and move forward with ease and a greater sense of self.

No more feeling stuck!

No more back-and-forth decisions!

No more hiding in the background!


Get clear on your purpose and chase after your passions with boldness. Be true to yourself and live authentically! Start 1:1 sessions with Steph and reap the benefits of clarity and forward motion today.

Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder


Gain clarity

Ground yourself in truth

Build confidence

Know exactly how to find your inner strength

Establish your voice

Learn how to express your message to make a powerful impact

Find direction

Unearth your life purpose

Live authentically

Make decisions that align with your values

Adventure bravely

Navigate challenges with courage


Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder


How to access your innate worth and true identity


How to establish goals and habits that reflect your strong qualities


How to express your powerful voice in unique ways


How to unearth your deepest desires and turn them into reality


How to live an authentic life of meaning


How to approach difficulties with bravery and wholeheartedness



You are deeply loved and accepted right now just as you are. Show up fully in our partnership to establish a solid foundation from which to begin navigating your career path and personal story.


You are intrinsically wired for connection to self and others. Savor the listening ear and genuine encouragement you’ll receive in your personalized coaching sessions.


You are capable of change and transformation today. Partner with me to design your life of purpose and courage.

Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder

Here’s what Braveroot Clients have to say

Jessica Testimony Braveroot Coaching

Stephanie has the ability to see your truest self and believes in who you are and who you can become. She finds and pinpoints your strengths and helps build your confidence through her intentional words, powerful advice, and reassuring belief. I highly recommend her as a life coach, her confidence in you lasts long after the time you spend with her.-JV

RL Testimony Braveroot Coaching

Steph is down-to-earth, kind, and insightful. I highly recommend her if you are wanting to take a deeper look at your values and life goals, or even if you just want someone there who roots for you and cares enough to listen.-RL


Steph has a very natural and grounding approach to working with kids. She helped my son recognize and develop strengths to help counterbalance some of his challenges. He was able to point out specific areas of improvement he gained from working with her and he became more self-aware and mindful through the overall process.-KR

With a one-of-a-kind coaching style,

Steph will champion you to live with courage and purpose.


Braveroot coaching is rooted in these core values.

These foundational values steer the course in decision-making.


Let's Get Started!

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Be you, bravely.

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