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A coaching spark right when you need it!

Spark Sessions were created to provide you with guiding light in your moment of need. Receive a personal spark of insight, motivation, or encouragement right when you're feeling stuck. Through private video messaging, Steph will listen deeply and champion you to stay true to yourself as you navigate roadblocks. Don’t wait to connect - Sign up for monthly support at an affordable rate and receive your first message from Steph!


Here When You Need Me

You want to deal with things as they come up, instead of dismissing them.

You want someone to listen rather than “fix” things for you.

You want to express your message to make a powerful impact.

You desire space to discover and articulate what’s important to you.

You want someone to walk with you through challenges and celebrations.


Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder


Spark Sessions are for those who want flexible, ongoing coaching support at an affordable monthly rate.


They pair well with 1:1 coaching sessions to offer quick, motivational moments in-between meetings.

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Meaningful Exchange

Spark Sessions take place via the free app called Marco Polo. Through private video messaging, you can receive coaching right when you need it! Connect with me anytime throughout your week, and I will send you a timely response to help you gain clarity and take bold steps toward your goals.


Chat with me about places you’re feeling “stuck” in life, as well as any celebration moments. You are welcome to share whatever is most prominent for you. You initiate our conversations and set the pace, knowing there is no pressure to watch or respond to my messages within time constraints. I walk alongside you when you need me! Expect me to listen deeply and champion you towards your truest self. You will become more grounded in your sense of self, peaceful in your decision-making, and present in your story. Together, we will start where you are now, destroy limiting beliefs, and gain new perspectives. Our partnership is based on equality, honesty, and intuition. You can show up fully, let yourself be seen and heard, move at your own pace, and share what feels relevant for you. At times, you will be invited to reflect on certain things and participate in challenges, and it is always your choice to engage in these invitations. I’ll be with you in the dark and tough times, as well as in the light and celebratory!


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Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder

Here’s what Braveroot Clients have to say

Jessica Testimony Braveroot Coaching

"Stephanie has the ability to see your truest self and believes in who you are and who you can become. She finds and pinpoints your strengths and helps build your confidence through her intentional words, powerful advice, and reassuring belief. I highly recommend her as a life coach, her confidence in you lasts long after the time you spend with her." -JV

RL Testimony Braveroot Coaching

"Steph is down-to-earth, kind, and insightful. I highly recommend her if you are wanting to take a deeper look at your values and life goals, or even if you just want someone there who roots for you and cares enough to listen." -RL

Emily Testimony Braveroot Coaching

"Stephanie listened deeply to me to hear what mattered to me as a person. She individualized the sessions to fit my sense of purpose." -EH

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Braveroot Coaching Steph Yoder

Be you, bravely.

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